Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mean people suck

I make jewelery as a hobby, and would like to make it a business, and due to that fact, I belong to several beading groups on yahoo. One of the groups is connected to a business, that in the past has sold very nice beading kits, but due to the owners health, and the fact that she works on her own, it got to the point where she could not keep up with orders. She made it almost addictive shopping on her site, with all kinds of specials for people that belonged to her beading group, and a free kit with every 25.00 purchase, but like I said before she could not keep up with all the orders, so people got upset, understandably. So she is restructuring her business, and will now concentrate on beads , findings and patterns.......which should give her a little more time to have a life outside of the business...........she still has a big back log of unfilled orders........but she is working on getting them taken care of. Several people out here online have been really bad mouthing her lately, and although I do understand where they are comming from, I also understand her situation, and have faith that eventually she will get things all worked out, and everyone that is waiting for their orders will get them, including me, I think I became her number one addict.......because every time an order shows up in my mail box, it is like christmas, and I turn into a kid again, I love I will continue to keep the faith that it will all turn out for the good in the end, and will try to ignore all the haters out here, I keep thinking of the addage, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all........

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