Tuesday, May 25, 2010

still organizing

today I have spent several hours digging through a box of beady stuff that is a giant bead soup, stuff I just shoved into baggies and then into a big cardboard box............projects gone wrong, leftovers from projects ect........I did this before I told myself I was to put away all of my toys when I'm done playing........so now I am left with so much mixed up beading supplies, that after I finish my beadsoup project, the real one, I will have to spend several days sorting lots and lots of beads.......too much fun, not! I ordered myself some business cards today, with my new stores address and everything, so I guess this makes it official, now I just need to get some images loaded so I can hopefully start selling!

Monday, May 24, 2010

bead give away

head on over to gardanne......Anne is having a cool bead give away, just leave a comment, answering her question, and you will be entered!

bead soup creation

well I put about three days into a spiral rope to hang my focal from, then changed my mind...........took the scissors to it. started over with a different idea, and I am much happier with the result...
will be opening a store on zibbet soon, got my banner up, just need to deal with the bank and paypal, then start loading things into the store!
My hubby brought home a label maker from his office on friday, I have been busy reorganizing my beads and findings, so they will be easier to find, no easy task, I have large chests, the kind with a bunch of little plastic drawers, the kind men usually put nuts and bolts and the like in.....any way I have been going through those and labeling all the drawers and consolidating things, so now all my stone beads are in one chest.......all my buttons are in another, well 1/2 of the second one.....one is all glass beads sorted by type and color, I managed to get three of the chests all labeled, but will probably have to borrow the label maker at least one more time because I still have a couple chests to organizr, plus four wheeled carts, and way too many boxes filled with smaller boxes that I keep fire polish beads and crystals in.....
I also need to find a way to organize all my finished goods right now they are just in bags......some how this just isn't as much fun as beading, but I am feeling like I have made a small dent in in the bead mess!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A very merry unbirthday to me!

today was a pretty wonderful day .....it was full of nice suprises, when I went topick up my mail.I had two padded envelopes waiting for me!!! I knew one of them was on its way to me, I just didn't think it would be here today, it was some "orphan lampwork beads" I had got on ebay, 20 boro glass beads, I was the only bidder so got a really good deal, 14.99 for 20 beads. They are so beautiful, I love to just hold them and drool over their wonderful swirling colors! they are the kind of beads, I may not be able to use as I like to just hold them and drool.......don't know if I could give them up to a creation, and then sell it........time will tell I suppose. The second package held a cute delicate bracelet........a real suprise to me.....it was made by a bead angel from a group I belong to
I was involved in a swap where my partner was unable to fulfill her side of the swap, so Colleen stepped in to be my bead angel, without me knowing, someone else had already told me they were making me a bracelet, so I guess I am going to be blessed
When I got back home I was checking my email and had one from classmates.com
I am not a paying member, but have checked out the site, well It said I had a messege
usually since I am not a member, I can't read any messeges, this time I was able to access the messege! it was from an old childhood friend, that I had lost contact with...
she gave me her contact information saying a mutual friend had found me online and so she checked it out and found me through classmates.com! Can't wait to talk to her and catch up on everything........at least 25 years of catching up.....
Then the UPS guy knocks on my door, with a package, this one was one I was expecting, but it was a funny thing to get from UPS 2 64 oz bottles of reuby red grapefruit juice from Ocean Spray, I am doing a taste test for them, it just always seems funny to get big jugs of juice from UPS.........
and if that wasn't enough, my neighbor knocked on my door with home made fried chicken and fried rice, won't have to cook dinner tonight........so it deffinitely felt like a very merry unbirthday to me, to me today!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oregon rain

I went out to get the mail a while ago, my mail box is about a block from my apartment......it was sprinkling a bit as I started out, by the time I got to the box, it was a down pourI tried to walk under the trees for a little shelter, and it did help, but by the time I got back home, I was drenched, like I had taken a shower fully clothed, it actually felt pretty good, it wasn't really cold out so didn't get chilled, just very wet.......then I remembered my plants I had put outside last week.......poor babies were drenched too, and 1/2 of the soil in their pots had been washed away.......so I moved them to safety, and went back in and changed my soggy clothes.....life in Oregon, gotta love it! Its so verdant and green here in my little piece of it, lots of trees and greenery, I love it

Bead Soup goodies!!!

I got my package full of bead soup goodies from my partner Nancy, on Saturday! she sent a really pretty green stone focal and some green stone oval beads and some olivine colored rondels, and a really cute silver heart toggle clasp, also a pretty pair of earrings she designed and made! I have already started playing with the goodies, I am treating the round focal as a cab, I have bezeled around it and I am embelishing it with lots of fringe made of sparkly crystals and pearls, and some bronze colored leaves all in rich shades of green and brown......its looking really opulent and rich

Monday, May 10, 2010

my "USE THE MUSE" attempt

well I promised to add some pics of my use the muse when they finally had the "big reveal".........unfortunately nobody bothered to let me know when that was.......I have no idea when it happened, only that it has.....so I can add my pics to my blog now ........also I finished my dragon bracelet last week and just got a couple pics taken of it, so I will add one of those too......awwwwwww I just knocked over my case of 4 mm bicone crystals, I had sorted by color.......they are all over the floor, all mixed together...about 3000 crystals in my carpet, I know what I will be doing for the next few days.......sorting crystals, darn
Any way the dragon bracelet is a design by Carolyn Pedrick, and my first attempt at flat odd count peyote, and it actually turned out quite good!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RockHill Designs

Lynette at RockHill Designs is having a give away for the month of may, she is giving away a beautiful multi stone and silver necklace, head on over and check it out, you might get lucky like I did, I won her last giveaway !!! a beautiful necklace called chunky monkey, it is made of large semi precious nuggett beads and HillTribe silver its very cool, and I can't wait to get it! thank you Lynette