Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day Bead Soup

  My bead soup came to me on Valentines Day! Laurie spoiled me with a bountiful bead soup! The first pic is of all the beautiful crystals she sent, on her blog post she stated that she chose colors to symbolize the things you might find in real soup, some reddish colored crystals = tomatoes, some milky white ones maybe potatoes, green ones could be any of the green veggies! The second pic shows  the two focals she sent, a beautiful shield shaped stone (I think it is agate of some kind) a pretty heart from BSue some copper chain, and a cool copper toggle clasp!  The third pic is an assortment of different beads, a tube of amber and black E beads, some beautiful tigers eye beads some beads that are black with white centers, not sure if they are glass or ceramic, some black with gold glass beads, a string of black glass disk beads, some cool brown beads that look like they may be made of horn, some mother of pearl cubes, some white faceted cube beads, two sets of either stone or picasso finished rondells, and a few creamy toned stone beads and some gold matte finished spacer I want to get started planning my project! Its going to be lots of fun!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bead Soup Partner

My Bead Soup partner contacted me about an hour ago, and she is  Laurie Vyselaar,
she is a new participant to the Bead Soup Party. I really hope what I have blended together for her first bead soup will make it all a pleasing experience for her! The picture above is her soup I don't have a program to pixilate my photos so had to do it this way...I have included several focals and a really large pretty clasp, in antique brass, as well as a nice length of chain  and several other pieces in the same antique brass color. And lots of accent beads in colors to go with the focals. I have so much fun putting my bead soups together, its just hard to know when to call it done.....I started the day of sign ups, and was still adding up till today! I will be sending it all out on Monday. I really hope you like it Laurie!