Monday, September 27, 2010

give away

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my "helpers"

Its been a while

Its been a while since I last added a post to my Blog.........since my dad passed away, I haven't really felt much like beading or blogging. Life has been changing.......  I was made executor of my dads will, and was surprised to find he hadn't mentioned my older brother in his will......My brother has been kind of estranged from our family for a very long time, he had a mid life crisis, quit his job, left his wife of over 30 yrs, moved to Texas and married his "high school sweetheart" He was never much of a family person, and didn't treat the family very I guess dad didn't think he deserved a mention in his will......due to this fact, the will had to go into now we wait to see if he contests the will, if he doesn't, I guess in about six months everything will officially be mine.........
  So if seems life has come full circle for me, I have moved back to my home town, that part wasn't too difficult, as I was unemployed, and my hubby has a job where he works from home and out in the field (field supervisor for a flagging company) so it doesn't matter if he lives in Oregon or Washington, they have offices in both states.
  The hard part for me is going through all the memories as I sort through my parents accumulation of 56 years, and pack it away for storage till probate is through, and at the same time unpack my life to fill in the spaces I open up as I pack their lives away...........some days I sit with watery eyes and runny nose, going through old photos and greeting cards my mom has saved.......and after she passed away dad continued to much stuff.......
   About a week after my dad passed away, my kitty Mokie also died......he hadn't been well for a long time, but it was still a shock..........about a month later two kittens came into my life, it was pretty lonely living here by myself while my hubby was packing things up in Oregon, so now I have to cyclone kitties, scruffy and scrappy, a male and a female, litter mates, medium coated tuxedo cats, they are cute and crazy as kitten usually are, and way too much "help" in the unpacking, and packing ..........I now have all my furniture for my beading space here and pretty much set up, had to leave some  furniture behind due to lack of space, but its I just need to find all my beads and put them back in their places..........then maybe I can see if I can find my muse, it seems as though she is either packed away, or got left behind in Oregon........