Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michelle Mach's Secret Snow Flake Challenge


 A while back on her blog, Michelle Mach invited people to take part in her Secret Snow Flake Challenge .....It looked like fun to me so here I am today for the reveal.....The Secret Snow Flake Challenge  Blog Hop...........
here is the link to the list of participants:

I enjoyed this challenge, I loved the snow flake focal and links.......And Loved the icy blues of all the beads in the kit! The package was lovely all tied up in a pretty ribbon! inside there was lots of sparkly icy themed beads and snow flake sequins......very pretty!
   I made a necklace with the snow flake focal, I wire wrapped it with some crystals, and hung in from a strung necklace of multiply shades of blue crystals and silver beads, I put some crystals on head pins and clustered them on either side of the focal and randomly in other places on the necklace. I also added a bit of the ribbon from the kit to the pendant. I also made a bracelet in matching colors with a center piece of clustered lucite flowers with crystal centers .  And a pair of earrings featuring the snow flake links and crystal drops...
Please go and check out the other participants work at the above link
thank you

Monday, January 9, 2012

confessions of a bead hoarder

This word cloud thing is pretty cool! although there seems to sound a bit greedy to me......a lot of me, my, need, have.......maybe its just a beady thing? we all seem to always want more no matter how many beads we have, or at least from what I read in other beaders blogs when I look at my word cloud, I see... me want some!!!!  MY BEAD!!!  Like I am a bead monster as apposed to a cookie monster.....kind of funny but oh so true....I guess I am a bead hoarder