Monday, February 28, 2011

bead soup party blog hop

Wow...........I just finished  hopping through all of the blogs about  9:00 this morning! It took an amazingly large amount of time......but it was well worth it, I saw some amazing eye candy........and met some wonderful artists, if only through their written words and photos, there are some amazingly talented people involved in this group!  Not sure I have enough talent of my own to belong here.........but its fun trying!  Thank you so much Lori, for going to all the hard work to provide us with such a fun venue to meet fellow beaders and share our varied talents with each other!


  1. I'm not through hopping. I keep thinking I am but I get lost in the shuffle! lol

    I believe all of us who have the courage to join in this party belong here--especially you! Please join the next one--it's so much fun to see familiar faces!

    But I also understand what you mean--it's great to see that lovely, marvelous talent and it can be a bit intimidating as well!

  2. I'm no where near done - so I'm impressed that you are :)

    I just scrolled down and looked at your bead soup (going to go read the post in a min) but I just wanted to say you are in NO WAY not good enough for this group! That piece is fantastic and if you feel intimidated by other people's work - just remember -we're in this to challenge ourselves!

  3. I'm still hopping and probably won't be done til the end of this week but it is so worth it!

    FYI...We all have the talent and bring our own gifts to this group! Don't look at it like a competition but a way to give into the unknown and to leave comfort behind. So, if you feel out the box that means you have succeed at the task of challenging yourself. Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

  4. Wow! I am so impressed you made it through all the blogs in 3 days! I definitely need to learn to pick up my pace! :)

    But it sure has been a lot of fun, seeing what everyone had to work with and what they made.