Sunday, May 1, 2011

finally getting my garden planted

Today feels like we finally got something accomplished! We have had such wet weather, it has been hard to get started on the garden, but today hubby built four raised beds, filled them with good soil, and I planted several things.........asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, two kinds of sweet peas, and three kinds of tomatoes heirloom, chocolate cherry, and brandy vine.......but I still have a lot more to I am wondering if I will have enough room for everything! we also want to put in a fence to protect the garden from animals and to keep our dogs little pom kept us company all day in the garden, I think I am going to have to put the strawberries in a fenced place of their own, because pumpkin the pom, likes the plants for some reason, and I know he likes the berries, he was kind enough to share my strawberry short cake with me tonight!
  I still have cherry bushes to plant and raspberries and blackberries too, we need to rebuild the support  for the existing blackberry plants, so we got the supplies for that today, now we just need another dry day to work on it, maybe next Sunday.......if hubby isn't busy with other things


  1. Ooh, I am so jealous of anyone who has a garden. Especially a vegetable garden. I just love tomatoes fresh from the garden. I have lived in an apartment for past 7 years, so can't have a garden. Happy growing.

  2. I did mine that same weekend now it looks like a decent crop is coming.