Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Norma's zoo

I am beginning to feel like I am running a zoo........it started out with two kittens, back in August.......they were tiny black and white tuxedo babies. Now they are 1/2 grown cats getting big and sleek and beautiful, and very spoiled, then the day before halloween, my hubby bought me a Pom puppy, black and tan, he looks like a walking powder puff on speed, he is so hyper........Then last night he brought home a short haired tiny kitten that has obviously been surviving on its own for a while, it was almost hit by a car on his job site, so he rescued it and of course brought it home to me she is mostly white with dark gray and orange spots, I would have named her moo, because of the spots, but hubby insists on lucky..........let me tell you my original two cats are pretty pissed to say the least,(please excuse the language)but it fits they are very angry not only do they hiss and swat at the two new babies, they also hiss and swat at me, and these were my babies..........I am sad they are so upset, the puppy is driving me crazy......I never pictured myself with a foo foo dog, (old lady dog), but I guess its official now I am an old lady, I was at the casino the other day, and found out I an now considered a senior by them, I get the senior discount..........much to my hubbies delight, he thinks its funny, he told me it was ok to have an old lady dog, cause I was officially an old lady now..........I turned 55 on my last b-day.........I'm sure once the puppy is older he might calm down a bit     (I can only hope)......he is adorable, every where we go he gets all kinds of compliments, he smiles all the time.........and can he ever scream, he met my grandsons dog,.....a large mutt of some kind, and scared the poor thing to death, my puppy started screaming at the top of his lungs, so loud he had my ears ringing, we were all cracking up it was so funny. Ok........ I thank you for letting me vent, I'm sure things will improve in time, as the critters all start maturing, I need to take the two older ones in to be spayed and neutered, and I need to take the younger two in for their first visit to the vet, I guess it will have to be three trips, so as to not have a war going on in my pet carriers.........I asked my hubby last night, what he was bringing home next time..........with him, the thought kind of scares me

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