Saturday, October 23, 2010

playing with clay

digging through some of my unpacked boxes, I ran across some poly clay, from about 15 years ago, when my son and I tried our hands at making beads (really ugly beads)......well I decided to see if it was still good, so I kneaded it for a while and rolled it out and used some of my new rubber stamps to put a textural design on it, then used a plastic tube that a pair of ergonomic tweezers came in,( it is square shaped with rounded edges) to cut tiles out with.....then put holes in to one corner of each tile, and baked them....they looked ok, the design  on them looked good, but they were just plain matt grey colored, not too interesting. so then I went to my local michaels and got some Rubn'Buff, in antique gold, and used some of that to high light the raised portions of the pattern, it looked much better, but then decided to cover the edges and back as well.
Now I am happy with them, and plan to use them as dangles on earrings, I even made a pair to try them out.
  I just got my beads from Juls from Juls beads, I bought her skills on the torch for a day, and all I can say is wow, wow, wow!!! they are so beautiful! I used one of the earring pairs I got from her to make the above mentioned earrings and will post pictures as soon as I get some taken......

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