Saturday, January 30, 2010

bead soup party challenge finished!

I finished my bead soup party bracelet last night, it is "interesting" it has a very 80's color way
blue greens and purples......but then those have always been some of my favorite colors, I seem to be kind of stuck in a free form frame of mind lately. I made my first free form bracelet a few months ago, and got kind of addicted to them, I'm still having a hard time knowing when enough is enough, so this latest bracelet might be just a bit too much. Its kind of odd that I have taken such a liking to free form, because it can be kind of " out there" and a bit outlandish, and I tend to be kind of conservative myself, but I think maybe my mind set is changing.........I do know when I wear my more unusual jewelery, it gets noticed more, and I have actually sold a few pieces off my wrist.......and also, I am getting to the age where I am feeling more free to be a bit more quirky for lack of a better word......guess I am just a crazy old bead lady

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