Friday, January 15, 2010

bead soup party package arives

I recieved my package of beads from Maria Greene for the bead soup party a couple of days ago, I was excited that she included beads that she had made, she does enamel on copper and she sent a big round filagree bead as the focal and two smaller solid round enameled beads and several tubes all done in muted turquoise and lavender and dark blues, plus a few random glass beads as well......of course I had to start playing with them right away, I started a bracelet thinking free form peyote, but wound up taking sissors to it, because the copper beads have bigger holes than I am used to working with, so had to figure out something to use on each end to prevent my seed beads from hiding inside the copper now I am about half way done, but won't beable to use all the beads in my bracelet, probably just the enamel ones, but I am liking what I have done so far

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  1. Nothing like jumping in w/ both feet!! Can't wait to see what you put together, Norma!!