Saturday, January 30, 2010

ocean adventure challenge

I had my ocean adventure challenge necklace semi finished, when I decided that it was too fussy, so out cam the scissors and I removed all the fringy its very simple, an ogalala necklace in ocean blues and greens with an edging of frosty white for the foam on the wave edges
plus a lamp work sea shell bead that I have been hoarding for a while, with just a little bit of coraling fringe as an accent and I think it is done! will post a pic when my hubby removes my memory card from the inside of my computer, ( it fell down inside when I was trying to download some pics)..... And now I just had to start another ocean themed necklace to use some of my stash I bought to make the first one, but didn't like on that particular necklace...... this one is going to be free form, with a small sea biscuit focal, some natural sea shells and pressed glass shells and maybe another lamp work shell bead, and a few pearls and fire polish beads....... I'm liking it already!

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