Monday, May 10, 2010

my "USE THE MUSE" attempt

well I promised to add some pics of my use the muse when they finally had the "big reveal".........unfortunately nobody bothered to let me know when that was.......I have no idea when it happened, only that it I can add my pics to my blog now ........also I finished my dragon bracelet last week and just got a couple pics taken of it, so I will add one of those too......awwwwwww I just knocked over my case of 4 mm bicone crystals, I had sorted by color.......they are all over the floor, all mixed together...about 3000 crystals in my carpet, I know what I will be doing for the next few days.......sorting crystals, darn
Any way the dragon bracelet is a design by Carolyn Pedrick, and my first attempt at flat odd count peyote, and it actually turned out quite good!


  1. I like your use the muse! It says sun worshipper. And I feel your pain about knocking things over, but at least they're big, and hopefully easy to pick up :)

  2. Hello and thank you for visiting and following me on my blog journey. I see we have beads in common. I love beads and making jewelry. Your bracelets are beautiful. Happy creating...

  3. Hey there! No, I have not read Host by Stephanie Meyer, but I will now that you recommended it! Thanks. I'm always looking for a good book.

    Do you have your stuff for sale in an etsy shop or somewhere else?

  4. Your use the muse piece is so cool! So sorry about the spill...yes, been there done that too, it's a bummer, but a pretty one! :)

    You had asked about the magic bauble trick. I have some instructions, but I need to update them. I'll work on that tomorrow and send them to you. Plese send me an email for an address if you get a chance to

    have a great weekend!