Tuesday, May 25, 2010

still organizing

today I have spent several hours digging through a box of beady stuff that is a giant bead soup, stuff I just shoved into baggies and then into a big cardboard box............projects gone wrong, leftovers from projects ect........I did this before I told myself I was to put away all of my toys when I'm done playing........so now I am left with so much mixed up beading supplies, that after I finish my beadsoup project, the real one, I will have to spend several days sorting lots and lots of beads.......too much fun, not! I ordered myself some business cards today, with my new stores address and everything, so I guess this makes it official, now I just need to get some images loaded so I can hopefully start selling!


  1. I like this--someone who's similar to me! I also don't always put my toys away. In fact, I have to clean off my desk of beads, projects, seed packets, notes, and office supplies!

  2. Where are you selling? That's exciting! And I bet you find some surprises in your bead soup - at least things you forgot you had!

  3. Hi Janet.... Thanks for stopping by our blog, to complete your entry for our give away, you can follow this link! http://www.facebook.com/sissysparrows

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    By the way, good luck with your new business adventures!

    Best Wishes Julie