Tuesday, October 19, 2010

getting back to my beading

I was checking out someones blog recently, and she was showing her studio, and her work area and storage....she mentioned she had gotten several or her studio items from overstock.com.........so I checked them out, and found  something called a workbox crafting  cabinet, I think it was intended for scrapbooking, but I thought it would fill my needs for beading and jewelery making as it has lots of storage and a work desk all in an armoire so I bit the bullet and ordered it, ..........it was kind of scary, as it was more money than I have ever spent on a single piece of furniture, and it was just for me, hard to justify, but I did it ......then had second thoughts a few days later and tried to cancel, but it was already on its way to me..........then I got a call from the company trying to deliver it to me, only to find out it would be coming in a semi truck, my house is in a neighborhood not accessible by a semi........so I had to have my hubby pick it up in Portland at the airport, and bring it home to me here in Longview..........so now it is sitting in the garage waiting for time when my hubby can take apart the big corner computer desk I have been using to bead on, and then put together this new cabinet........it will be beautiful, as it is nice quality furniture.........not some particle board type thing, its real wood, and an amazing amount of storage...........my only concern is lighting for the work area, but I guess we will deal with that after its all done.........I am anxious, to get it together......I want to start creating again.....I have bought some books on metal work, and want to try my hand at etching copper, and making some of my own jewelery findings......maybe even learn to do enameling.......I am slowly getting  my tools and other equipment together to do the etching, I have ordered the chemicals, got some copper blanks and a dapping block, I have a permanent ink stamp ordered, and have some really nice stamps, and I am getting excited...........I guess my muse has resurfaced!...........come on weekend hurry up and get here, I have some  honey- do's for hubby, and I want to create!!!


  1. How wonderful to treat yourself to a new workspace. It will inspire you and be so much better when organized. Happy beading again...