Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bead swap

When I got my mail this morning, my package from my swap partner was waiting for me! It was full of all kinds of cool beady stuff! and some really nice pendants and a really pretty enameled butterfly! I really loved the butterfly...... Lots of gem stone chips and some candy jade beads that are very pretty, and some wonderful furnace glass in green( my favorite color!) woo hoo!! I am going to be good and not play with any of it till I get my Use The Muse project done.........its going to be hard to do, because the muse isn't talking to me.........unfortunately it is something totally outside my comfort zone, I am really going to have to work hard at integrating it into my project..........I love the over all colors of the bead kit, but had to add a lot of stuff to fill it out enough to actually make something........I have never done the use the muse competition before so didn't really know what to expect. Well the weather here today is beautiful, and supposed to be in the 60's so I think I will put on a light jacket and go for a bike ride and enjoy the sunshine,
its really looking like spring, with all the cherry trees in bloom !

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