Monday, March 29, 2010

Beady gift

my one and only "beady friend" has decided to give up beading, which saddens me quite a bit, as she was my only buddy that I had to share my bead addiction with, go to bead shows with ect......sure I still have my hubby , he is a willing victim, he will go to the shows with me, and will look at my projects, and even make some decent suggestions and comments on my efforts.....but its just not the same.....Sure Jayne and I will still be friends, but some how its not the same....we are getting together tomorrow evening......she is gifting me with all her beady stuff......and I am happy to give it all a good home, but will be doing it with a sad heart.........I'd much rather have her as my partner in beady adventures.......
on a happier note, one of my hubbies friends is going to help me get my own website set up to try and market some of my jewelery, he is a computer nerd/ will help me with both taking pics of my work, and getting it online!

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  1. Oh that's really sad and I know how you feel. My favorite bead maker and good friend gave it all up and I was bereft.