Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gem and mineral show

I went to the Gem and mineral show, this past weekend, it was supposed to be just me and my hubby........but my inlaws dropped in unexpectidly, so they went with us, and we had a great time. My mother inlaw is crafty and my father inlaw indulges her just like his son does me, so its all good! There were so many vendors selling so many beautiful colors of crystal, it was almost like sparkle overload, almost too over welming. I had sold some jewelery this past week so had some spending money I could use with out feeling guilty.......and I have to say I went a little crazy, I was looking for a particular shade of blue....a light blue with a slight grey tinge to it, and of course I forgot my sample at home, so I crossed my fingers and bought what looked closest to what I remembered it to be. Then I found some deep red kind of opaque crystal rondels, that were really unique, they looked velvety, and sparkley at the same time, a very rich red that looked like fresh drops of blood, I named them in my head vampires kiss, after I made some earrings out of themI think they would make some really awsome vampire genere jewelery.....
I am still frusterated with my use the muse kit, they just don't supply enough beads to get any where with it.........I am out of the toho hybrid beads, and can't order them from Art beads,(they are out of them) which is the supplier for use the muse. I searched the net and finally found them at Bello Mondo, so have ordered some, the blue crystals were something I had added to the kit, and ran out of, so now thanks to the weekend shopping trip I have plenty of those. I had some size 11 matte blacks in my stash, so when I ran out of those I used mine......I ran out of all the crystals in the kit, now have more, so just waiting on the toho apollo/ jet hybrid 6's........hopefully they will get here soon as I am at a stand still till then..........
I finished a swap bracelet tonight........for a swap called rebelious mothers day bracelet, my partner and I discussed it and weren't sure what a rebelious bracelet would look like, something out of the norm? but everyones idea of normal is I did two drop peyote, in browns and greens, earthy colors, my partner likes gardening, flowers and my bracelet is called garden has flowery fringe on the edges, a toggle with butterflies on it,
and a dangle with a dragonfly on the end and branched fringe with leaves and flowers on it, it turned out really cute, but not too rebelious........ I will post a picture as soon as I can take some

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