Monday, April 19, 2010

a very good day

I have been having a very good day today.......I got an inspiration yesterday while visiting my dad ,
I was showing him a bracelet I had just finished, it had some lamp work roses on it......and as I was looking at it I decided I didn't really like how I had used them. So this morning I took the bracelet apart, dug out the rest of my lamp work roses, I had some yellow ones, some pale pinks, some reds, and some purples, just enough of each to make a bracelet in each color......The yellow one I added 3 mm gold rounds and two sizes of peridot colored crystal rondels I got at the gem and mineral show a few weeks ago and some gold leaves and a very small gold magnetic clasp. I really love how this one turned out.
The red one has two sizes of peridot crystal rondels and ruby colored crystal rondels , the pink one has frosted pale blue disk shaped beads with silver spacers and rose colored and aqua marine blue fire polish beads. The purple one has silver spacers, rose fire polish, peridot and some really beautiful purple ab crystal rondels.

Also I decided to order myself a new toy today, I have been wanting to make fused glass cabs, but couldn't afford a kiln, and recently I saw a microwave kiln for doing small jewelery sized projects, so I checked out Paragon kilns today, I signed up to get their catalog, and got a 10.00 off coupon for doing it.........and they just happened to have their Fuseworks microwave kiln on sale for 30.00 off so with the extra ten off with the coupon, I feel like I scored!!! and being a kit it comes with stuff to get me started, and the funny thing was it was cheaper this way than just buying the microwave kiln by its self!!! CAN"T WAIT TO PLAY WITH IT!!!!!

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