Sunday, April 11, 2010

woo hoo, got my pics done for the use the muse

woo hoo!!!! its finally all and all.......tomorrow is the deadline, so was calling it a bit close, the pics and the application are "in the mail" I'm so relieved. I had to do my own pics and I'm not so good at it, so I hope they will be good enough.....will post pics after the "big reveal" still not sure I like it, as the "muse" didn't really inspire me and would have been happy to have left it out totally, but I think I pulled it off ok, I suspended a beautiful lampwork poison bottle from it........and managed to use some of all the beads in the kit, and all of some of them.....had to buy more to finish the project.......
My Hubby is gone for the next three days, he is due home on Wednesday night.......he is in Seattle for some classes for work..........wish I could have gone and made a side trip to Shipwreck beads......I always have so much fun when I get to go shopping there!....maybe next time.....guess I should be taking advantage of my time alone and be doing some beading, I do have a bracelet I need to finish for a swap, it is herringbone in tortoise shell shades embelished with tiger eye chips it is getting heavy but it feels really good on the wrist, I hope my partner likes it because I really do, in fact I am thinking of making one for myself, but it will have to be different gemstone chips.....I am almost out of the tigers eye chips.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by...
    It is always a good feeling when a special piece is finished...photographing it is always a chore for me though...I would like to take just one and be done but usually I have to take many more to get one I like!!! :0)
    I must have be difficult to work on something when the muse didn't inspire you?

    I look forward to seeing your finished piece!