Thursday, April 1, 2010


I got my kumihimo disk in the mail I strung it up and proceeded to make my first braid......I only had the instructions that came with the loom, but I used four colors instead of the two suggested as a first attempt. And it turned out really pretty. I used it to hang a pretty glass heart pendant from, and for a first attempt it looks really nice! Right now I am trying my hand at doing it with beads and novelty yarn, I am using some toho gold silver lined triangles, and some transparent forest green # 6's the threads are various shades of pink embroidery floss, and two strands of a fuzzy silvery blue with metalic threads, and after a few failed attempts, I viewed a tutorial on utube a few times and am now trying again, and its looking pretty good. I'm excited, I haven't caught on to bead crochet yet, so this is a pretty good alternative!!
Still working on my "use the muse" finally have (I hope) all the beads I need to finish it.


  1. I'd love to see what you did! I got as far as buying the stuff, and then gave it to someone else -- just never found time!