Thursday, August 11, 2011

finished my bead soup, and it was good!

I was so excited to get my bead soup today, I got pictures of it right away, because in the past I forgot to do that, in the excitement of playing with the new beads! Well I had to go to the bead store for some antique brass crimp beads, and of course found other things I absolutely had to have, but I only spent 15.00.......Which is pretty amazing for me! I came back home and went to work........I had some steam punk cogs and wheels I had gotten last week, along with some brass key and lock plates, I thought they went well with my soup, I added a few crystals and some stick pearls, and in the end, I had a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings! I'm really happy with what I made, and its totally different from all my other bead soup projects! no bead weaving this time, so it went pretty fast......Now I have a long wait for the reveal.........and still have some beads left..........hmmmm.....


  1. Wow! You are already finished, and made a 3-piece set, how wonderful. Most importantly, it's totally different from your other projects. That is what this is all about. Your choices of additional items sound really interesting. I cannot wait to see your designs.
    I'll start mine this weekend, off to work tomorrow. I cannot wait to get started. Thanks again Norma.