Friday, August 19, 2011

under construction

I'm still waiting to get my beading space back, the foundation repair om my poor old house is taking a lot longer  than expected, and costing a lot more too......I thin my guys may have bitten off more than they can chew.....I am having beading with drawls.....I  recently won a beading kit from  Zaney May, and I received the beads for it yesterday!   It is a very simple right angle weave bracelet, amazingly enough called  "simple bracelet" I chose a blue green color combination....I dug out my ottlite magnifier last night and a  good lamp and sat down at my computer table, and with some difficulty, made the bracelet, the difficulty being that I am pretty much blind with out my industrial strength mag light, it had nothing to do with Zaney May's instructions, they were easy enough.....the bracelet turned out nice, even though it is a real simple design, it would be perfect for a beginner......
  I need to get started on my August challenge piece, that I am doing with Andrew Thornton, but I need better lighting and magnification in order to do it, and red has never been "my color" so it will be a bit more difficult for me than the July challenge


  1. Sending you encouragement for the Andrew Thornton Challenge. Given the great job you did on my bracelet, I know you will knock it out of the park!

  2. It is always hard to have one's workspace unavailable and the challenge of home repair can be daunting. Here is a little consolation--you are one of the winners of my summer blog giveaway. Email me by clicking on "Contact" near the top of my website and tell me where to send your new wrap! Congratulations!