Saturday, February 20, 2010

craft day, and cab shopping

My hubby took me to a rock shop today, because I wanted to buy some cabs to bezel........ I've never bought at a rock shop before, I had no idea how spendy cabs can be, the few I have were bought at a gem and mineral show, sometime in the past and they didn't seem to be all that expensive, if my memory serves me, but I could be mistaken......any way, I bought three fiber opticcabs, a nice green, a caramel, and a nice dark smokey grey. I also bought a grey lace agate, a couple sardonyx, and a few I am not sure of what they are, so they should keep me busy till the next gem and mineral show......along with the use the muse and various swaps I am involved in!

speaking of swaps, I am doing a bead swap where we fill a large match box full of beads from our stash, I have been having fun with that, I have enough beads collected to fill the match box, and I have strung all the matching ones in matched groups so they are nicely organized, I have added several focal beads, some lampwork beads, a nice dragonfly charm.......I think it is a nice selection, someone will enjoy getting it! and today, I decorated my match box, in fact I am waiting on it to dry right now, I found the perfect scrapbooking paper to cover it with, it has words of inspiration on it, and I put a pretty purple and gold button on top, all in all, I think it is turning out really nice, I just hope the box will slide back into the cover now that it is covered in pretty paper, I'm thinking about putting a beaded drawer pull on one end then it will be done and I can fill it up with all the treasures! I will post pictures of it after my partner gets it.

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