Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new netted cab

I netted a cab today using Leslie Rogalski's (the editor of Beading Daily) instructions but I teaked it to make it my own, and it didn't fit the cab I had intended it for, but luckily I had a tiger eye stone, that wasn't really a cab, it is heavy and about twice as thick as your average cab, but it worked perfect for my netting!- and it looks pretty cool....... the first pic is the back side of the cab, the second is the front side, the instructions are very easy to follow and it works up pretty quick.

I started a pair of earrings last night for a challenge on About.com beading.........it is due in april, and the theme is diamonds are a girls best friend......I am using silver delicas and 4 mm AB crystal firepolish rounds, and doing coraling stitch, I got the first one finished and it looks really pretty.


  1. These look super nice! They remind me of some vintage costume jewelry that I own. Some darling brooches from the 20's.

  2. This is really beautiful! I'm so glad you decided to drop by my place so I could find such wonderful talent! Wooooooohooooooo! I have a feeling I'll be visiting you often!