Thursday, February 11, 2010

laser treatment

well.....I had a laser treatment on my left eye today, to help cauterize leaky veins and to help thin out the back wall of the eye ball, because it was thickening and putting a strain on my retina. This is to help keep me from getting a detached retina which would cause me to go blind.....they said it will take up to three months to see the full effect of the treatment, and I might have to have it done again up to three times more, I hope not, being unemployed and uninsured, its way too expencive for me as I have to pay for it up front, even with me having a 70% discount because of my poverty level, 70% of several thousand per treatment isn't easy to come up with.
as it is one treatment took two full weeks of my unemployment money, which would pay for other important things like food, car insurance, perscription drugs , at least if I need it again I have a few months to figure out where to get the money.......
my eye has just about undilated and feels pretty much back to normal now, woohoo!! so maybe I will do some beading

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  1. Yowsa - that would be rough to go through! Hang in there! *hugs*