Friday, February 19, 2010

Use The Muse IV

I just signed up for the USE THE MUSE IV contest, just sent in my order for the beading kit! I have never entered any of my work in a contest before, so I am hoping my stuff will be good enough........I do like the idea of using a kit of beads that everyone else will be using, and I am anxious to see just exactly what the "muse" will be.........I guess I will just have to be curious for a while, as the kits won't be sent out till the 24th, and if you are interested in entering too, the 25th will be the last day to preorder the kit at the preeorder price of 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping.

after the 25th it will be 35.00lus 5.00 shipping...........also on Scarlettes Blog she has a bunch of incentives to order early, several giveaways and such, one of them is an additional use the muse kit, so you can enter twice, or just use the kit for your own personal beading, one lucky persons name will be drawn from the preorders , also if you blog about it there is another drawing for a beautiful pendant/charm.....the one shown at the top of this blog .....this should be lots of fun!

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