Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what the? swap

I recieved beads from my swap partner a couple days ago, I am supposed to make her a bracelet from beads she sent, beads that make her say what the %#*& .....why did I buy these ?........she sent some very nice beads.....some silver lines gold delicas, I strand of red aventurine that are rice shaped, some nice fat tiger eye ovals, some copper lined size 8 cubes, some rose quartz chips and rounds
and two hanks of size 15 charlottes........I won't use the charlottes way too small for me. I'm adding a few crystals, and won't use the rose quartz, or the cubes, will be returning those with the finished bracelet.
the bracelet is turning out nice, after several false starts, and taking the sissors to it about four times.........I think she will like it
I hope she can figure out something to do with what I sent her, s small handfull of furnace glass, in shades of green and brown, some green crystals, two or three colors and sizes of seed beads, and some beads that I can't remember what they are called, they are flat rectangles with rounded corners and edges with a piccaso finish on the edges, and a clear green on the flat part,
they didn't make me think what the&*^%, I really don't have any beads like that, except for some really ugly indian beads I bought, sight unseen, years ago because they were a "bargin"
I've never done that again, learned my lesson! but I really didn't want a bracelet made out of them, they are huge like what they used to use on macrame pot hangers in the 70's........

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